Sunday, January 9

Vegies of the moment

If you remember, way back when, I did a post about my vegie garden. I have since added a new planter box and filled it up with goodies.

My vegies of the moment

The 2 planter boxes

What am I growing?
In the back planter, L to R are:
Tomatoes, Courgettes (Green and yellow), Broc, Cauli, Spinach, various lettuces (mostly all eaten now!), Beetroot, Purple Onion and Carrots.

In the front we have L to R:
Pumpkins, Gherkins, Pak Choy, Potatoes, Garlic, Beans (Green and yellow), Watermelon (not doing so well), Capsicum and Corn!

So delish.

Wednesday, January 5

Photoshop me baby

Today I have been photoshopping pix for my sisters makeup portfolio. As well as that I made some delish sorbet, which I will hopefully post up tmrw.

Here is one of the pics, with before and after. (Click on it to make it bigger)

How fun it would be working for a magazine!

Monday, January 3

Story continued...

This is my completely unedited story, continued from here and here
I started writing it for NANOWRIMO. But didn't manage to finish it in time. But it still lives on...

Please note that this is copyright!

And the winner is...

I wrote all the names out and picked one out of a hat and ANNA was the lucky winner.

Here is her prize!

A limited edition Hobby Horses 2011 calendar, a handcrafted sleeping mask, three cute bows, a DIY cupcake kit, a chalk board and a horse tote bag to hold it all in!

You will get your prize very soon.

For everyone else, thanks for entering! I will try and do more giveaways this year, cause it is fun! Yippie!

Happy New Year everyone!
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