Monday, November 29

Ron Mueck

The other day Charlie and I went to the Ron Mueck exhibition at the Chch art gallery. If you haven't gone yet, you definitely should. You are allowed to take your camera.

I tried capturing all the fine details... I couldn't imagine being THAT patient!


Wednesday, November 24


My new favorite cookie cutter!

Monday, November 22

balloon me! PART ONE

So for this craft market and probably to sell on felt too, I've been making these writeable speech balloons!

Here is how I went about it... I got some 4mm thick wood and drew on it the shapes I wanted.

I got ready to cut it with the jigsaw.
Be very careful when using power-tools! I wore glasses and kept my arm which wasn't in use at a safe distance BEHIND the saw.

Carefully following the lines I drew, I cut the shapes out.

I used bricks to hold the wood in place.


Next I rounded off the edges.

Then it is on to part 2...with the painting...
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