Monday, January 28

Brush Embroidery

In my quest to get better at baking and decorating - I have been researching up a storm. In my travels I came across an interesting technique called Brush Embroidery. It was so stunning I had to give it a go.

So this weekend I whipped up some plain vanilla biscuits using a Martha Stewart recipe.

I then iced them with a beautiful royal blue tint royal icing. If you want your biscuit icing to be neat and tidy (and don't already know how) simply fill up your piping bag with the coloured icing (it can be relatively runny) and using a 2 tip (or similar) pipe around the edge of your biscuit to create an outline - then proceed to flood the centre of the biscuit with more icing (only a little at a time.) If you want you can slowly turn your biscuit to help evenly distribute the icing or use a toothpick to help. The icing should be liquid enough to create an even cover and fix any mistakes - but strong enough for the meniscus to hold. Leave the biscuits to fully dry (Overnight is best).

Then comes the hard part! The Brush Embroidery. To tell you the truth it took me forever to get the icing consistency right. Something I will have to work on. I followed this video to get the technique down. Also I had some pearl dust to paint on top for that fun sparkle.

I was very slow at the embroidery so I cheated a little and switched up the pattern.

I also made my first fondant roses - which I'm pretty happy with. Next I shall try adding color to them!

The results!

Can't wait to try it on a cake!

Saturday, January 26

Cake class 101

The decorating begins.

Last week my fab sister-in-law and I went to a cake decorating class at the new Make Cafe in Christchurch. It was great fun and now I'm pretty much obsessed with decorating cakes etc. which is funny, because I'm on a strict diet and can't eat any of it. But that's okay! I just imagine it is molding clay, paint and stuff - all inedible. It's amazing how your brain can adjust for these things.

We learnt how to pipe a ruffle onto cakes with the 104 petal tip. We also got taught how to make fondant flowers and we played with colour gels - my new fav.

Here are the results!

Crumb coat

Mixing up the colours - ombre styles

The final result 

I am now obsessed and I've been watching all sorts of videos on youtube - I wanna be a pro now. 
I think I will join this class next. Chch people are more than welcome to join me :)

Watch this space for more of my decorating progress!

Friday, January 18

Bibs and bobs

Happy new year all!
I'm attempting to blog again. Hopefully I can try to juggle Uni, work, design and blogging a bit better this year.

Charlie's sister had a baby boy a few days before Christmas so I decided to make him some lovely things! It was difficult choosing the fabrics I tell you - there were so many gorgeous ones.

The tag blanket

The bibs

Little Albie and me

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