Saturday, January 26

Cake class 101

The decorating begins.

Last week my fab sister-in-law and I went to a cake decorating class at the new Make Cafe in Christchurch. It was great fun and now I'm pretty much obsessed with decorating cakes etc. which is funny, because I'm on a strict diet and can't eat any of it. But that's okay! I just imagine it is molding clay, paint and stuff - all inedible. It's amazing how your brain can adjust for these things.

We learnt how to pipe a ruffle onto cakes with the 104 petal tip. We also got taught how to make fondant flowers and we played with colour gels - my new fav.

Here are the results!

Crumb coat

Mixing up the colours - ombre styles

The final result 

I am now obsessed and I've been watching all sorts of videos on youtube - I wanna be a pro now. 
I think I will join this class next. Chch people are more than welcome to join me :)

Watch this space for more of my decorating progress!

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