Tuesday, August 16

Snow more work done...

Today instead of doing anything productive, I built snowmen (in true calvin and Hobbes spirit).

I made a really rad business-snowman too but some mean people ran it over just as I went inside to get my camera. :-( So I have drawn it for you instead....

I was disappointed that everyone in my house was so reluctant to go outside and have fun with me, they are turning old and boring.

Keep warm x

Monday, August 15


So it happened to be a snow day... and I happened to get lots done, except that none of it was work. Sigh.

I spent my day up to my elbows in glue again... the papier-mache is coming along really well! 

Then to celebrate progress I made a snow-cocktail.
Snow, lemonade, raspberry cordial, vodka and a splash of cointreau.

Now I better get cracking - got those essays due BOOOooo.

Sunday, August 14

Birthday season

If you know me, you know I love birthdays, and in my family, August marks the start of birthday season. There are many birthdays and parties, many presents to be given and received. My friend Rosemary had her birthday party last night (as did my brother), I made Rosemary this little weighted owl:

This inspired me to stop being so busy elsewhere and start making crafts again. This week I shall order some tags for my products methinks. 

In more birthday news, I have begun work on my party decorations. I am having an Alice in Wonderland themed party (at the suggestion of Alex), which surprisingly I have never done before. All going to plan (ie. uni work permitting) I will have several papier-mache masks to wear and tea-cups to decorate! Photos of course will come in due time. 

I am really looking forward to by party and also my birthday which is on the 30th. I've instructed my family to source present ideas from my Pinterest page haha!

But for now,  it's time to work - boo. 

Stay safe in the snow.

Wednesday, August 3

New food blog!

I started what I like to call a 'sub-blog'... and it's about the food I eat. I hope you will follow and submit your own pictures of food! 

Also, I've very disloyal as I've done it on tumblr, just to see what it's like. (So far it's not very good for customization.)

See what you think!

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