Sunday, May 30

Room decoration PART TWO aka BUNTINGS

Like most people I'm a big fan of Buntings or, as Charlie calls them Pennants. So I decided to make them for my room to add a bit of colour.

I used some of the neato fabrics I got the the fabric sale, here is how I did it.

Made a triangle template

Then I cut them out using pinking shears (thanks Hannah!) This stops the fraying.

Next I sewed the top of them folded back approx 1cm, to make a space to thread string through.

Then I trimmed the edge

Then I threaded a large needle and put each flag on the string

I had so many flags that there were no gaps!

I put them up with tacks. Don't they look cool!

Tuesday, May 25

Room decoration PART ONE

My new room had a big empty space behind the bed so I got creative... instead of putting up a poster I wanted to paint some silhouettes, but because I'm flatting - I'm not really aloud to, so instead I hung some grey material then stuck on cute sky shapes made from sticky-back felt. Simple, yet so effective!

More decorating as it progresses.

Sunday, May 23


I got in! YAY! You will see me there woooo...

Friday, May 21

Les timbres!

After recently getting my stamp made, and falling in love with heaps of other stamps at the store I thought it wise to spend my money wisely. Instead of spending up to $20 on a stamp I decided to make my own!

Here is how!
Buy some really cheap erasers (the tougher the better)

Now draw a picture on one side (get ideas from the internet)

Then cut this out with a small knife

Stamp is all done!

Next ink it up

and stamp it everywhere!

YAY success!

Monday, May 17

The last week or so of crafts!

I had an old dress which I chopped the top off, gathered and added a big elastic band

It ended up looking really good

With all the beautiful autumn leaves around...

I've chosen really cool ones and immortalized them in varnish. I may make these into necklaces or brooches.

I've applied for the next Craft 2.0 (Now called 'A craft affair') It is in July. I hope very much to get in.
If so I will be selling some of the following:

Cute hair clip bows

Enamel & wooden brooches

Record bowls

And as you can see from these ones... I have got myself a stamp made!

I love it

Also some Record Jewelry. (I'm really enjoying upcycling at the moment)

You can see lines of music around my wrist

Also, completely unrelated to 'A Craft Affair' is the fact that I'm moving into my flat on Weds! So I've gone and bought lots of matching containers to put food in. And to make them look oh-so-cool, and to expand my mind, I wrote the labels on them in French

I have been doing heaps more crafts too... which I will post up soon after the big move x

Tuesday, May 11

Circus cupcakes

I made more cupcakes! This time with cute circus papers. I loved them

I gave them to a few of my friends on Mothers day

And had the rest of them at my dinner party!!!


So my parents are in Italy right now on their 30th wedding anniversary holiday, and check out this (taken at Cinque Terre. Porto Venere) :

A set of curtains made from Penne Pasta... I'm so trying this!!! Who's keen?

Monday, May 3

Mandarin & Pistachio cheesecakes

Easy to make and very yum!

You need
150g Pistachio biscotti (Or just plain wine biscuits)
50g Butter
1 can Sweetened condensed milk
125g Cream cheese
(Or 100g Cream cheese + 25g Sour cream)
1t Vanilla paste (or essence)
3 x Mandarins
6-8 ramekins
1 Packet of gelatin
Some hot water

Break up the biscotti and place in food processor

Keep it going until the contents are finely ground.

Next cut up the butter and mix it into the crumbs using your fingers.

Now push into the bottom of ramekins

Add the sweetened condensed milk to a new bowl with the cream cheese (and if ap, sour cream)

Add vanilla to this mix

Then add the juice of 2 mandarins (keep one mandarin aside)

Mix very well, getting out all lumps.

Next dissolve a packet of gelatin in 1/4 cup hot water then mix half of it into the cream mix.

Pour into ramekins, then peel and slice the manderin into thinish slices and use them to garnish

Put in fridge for a few hours

I made some jelly on the side

And when they are set, eat!


Saturday, May 1

May Mandarin Month

Ni-hao or 你好
It's that time of year folks, MANDARIN EATING TIME. Personally, I am a self-confessed addict of mandarins, having one year eaten only Mandarins for the month of May - crazy, I know. But it was sooooo gooood.
So I'm going to try and keep a Mandarin tally, I'm only at 1 sadly, but tomorrow I shall buy up large!

I encourage you to make the most of this seasonal fruit while it is tasty and eat many and follow the mandarin-fueled recipes I will post in the next few weeks.

Get eating! And also check out this cool fruit website which I took the pictures from. Cute ^u^
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