Saturday, May 1


Okay so this week-end I have been in Auckland and as per tradition I visited my favourite shop - $3 Japan! And I love it so much that I have to spread my joy of it! And this is totally hobby/craft related because they have heaps of those kinda things for sale.

Here is the shop. It is located on Queen St, right next to Burger Fuel.

It sells strange things like:

'Animal Lunch Belt's

Cute sponges

A huge selection of toilet seat covers

Fun origami paper

Writing papers galore

Here is a few I got (I got a shocking 11 in total)

Cute as stationary


Craft things (heaps of cheap felt!)

Nail polishes and other beauty products

Baking accessories

And so much more household related things ^.^

Here is the bag full of things I got

Here is Charlie's purchase, a flanel bear/hamster thing. So cute!

So I urge you to visit this shop next time you are in Auckland, you will not be disappointed! Just like how this girl isn't

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