Monday, May 17

The last week or so of crafts!

I had an old dress which I chopped the top off, gathered and added a big elastic band

It ended up looking really good

With all the beautiful autumn leaves around...

I've chosen really cool ones and immortalized them in varnish. I may make these into necklaces or brooches.

I've applied for the next Craft 2.0 (Now called 'A craft affair') It is in July. I hope very much to get in.
If so I will be selling some of the following:

Cute hair clip bows

Enamel & wooden brooches

Record bowls

And as you can see from these ones... I have got myself a stamp made!

I love it

Also some Record Jewelry. (I'm really enjoying upcycling at the moment)

You can see lines of music around my wrist

Also, completely unrelated to 'A Craft Affair' is the fact that I'm moving into my flat on Weds! So I've gone and bought lots of matching containers to put food in. And to make them look oh-so-cool, and to expand my mind, I wrote the labels on them in French

I have been doing heaps more crafts too... which I will post up soon after the big move x


  1. Hey you made the record bowls! It's pink cat! <3 Kim's crafts

  2. I like the record bangles. Robbo.

  3. Cool French labelling Kim! I can't wait to visit your new flat!



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