Tuesday, November 2


I'm a bit of a green finger really... I love my vege gardens! Being in the flat I am now in I decided to make my vegie garden in a planter box so if need be I could take it with me whenever I left.

My dad has loads of these planter boxes and is selling them for a mere $20 each... so if you need one let me know

Start by putting the planter box in a sunnyish place and filling it with good quality soil.

Then in the soil dig wee holes

Take your plant out of its house...

and gently spilt apart the roots somewhat.

Pop it in the hole and build up the soil around it

This is a courgette plant!

Continue this until all your plants are in

Put the tags in the soil so you remember what each is

And if you have any plants that will grow tall, add stakes in the soil next to them, so they can grow up them

Remember to water them after the sun has gone, if it hasn't rained already.

I will keep you posted on the growth! And blog soon about growing from seed.

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