Sunday, October 31

Novelling November

Well, it has crept up fast, and it's that time of year again NanoWriMo time. Yes I have been crafting things up but my internet has been at half speed for some mysterious reason so uploading big photos has been a no go. But I promise I'll get some posts up soon. I just hosted a fun party on the weekend with my brother B, and was pleased how all my crafty wee details turned out. I dressed as Moaning Myrtle and even did the voice on occasion. I think it became very obvious to all at the party that my dream job would be doing set designs for movies (as well as writing of course).

Sooo as well as having to study for my English exam I have begun writing my Novel for Nanowrimo. I will post my progress on here as I go along... I may even post parts of the book, who knows.
The Fate of the Merror Three
Ill-fated from birth, the Merror girls are sent packing to the medieval tidal island of Mont Nomoore. Spilt and forced to burden three unconventional families with their woeful lives, things couldn't get any worse. However, with the help of a debaucherous feline, the girls were reunited and became a force to be reckoned with.

I've currently written only 337 words, which is a good part of my prologue. I must continue tidying from after my party because I have a flat inspection tomorrow. And then of course there is study. But I hope to reach 2000ish words tonight. Can you believe that collectively around the globe 80,000+ words have already been written!?!

Craft posts up soon x

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