Tuesday, October 19

Don't forget to write!

'Don't forget to write' is an art project currently on in the library at University. I had seen the posters advertising it but did not really know what it was until David told me more about it. He said he'd written a few letters for it. So, being the keen letter writer I am, I decided to poke about.

It actually took me a while to find where it was hiding in the library.

I sat down and there were lots of different letter sets to choose from! And even real ink quills!

I wrote out my letter, trying to sound inspiring...

Then posted it and took one in return...

This was it:

It was about biking, which was awesome because I biked to Uni that very day!

It has inspired me to stop being so lazy and start writing even more letters, cause god knows I've got heaps of writing paper!

If you are at Uni, you should go check it out too.
But be quick cause it's only on until the end of Thursday.

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