Tuesday, October 12

70s lampshade

I had no lamp shade, and not much money to buy a fancy one, so I decided to make a string one, which I hear, was a common thing to do in the 70s.

It cost me about $5 to make.

It was really messy, but very easy...

Get your hands on:
1x large balloon
1x ball of wool
1x ice cream container
1x pot of Vaseline
heaps of PVA glue
string (to hang)

Blow up the balloon

Tie it to a long piece of string

Measure the circumference of your light bulb and draw a circle on your balloon. You will not string in this area.

Get a scoop of vaseline

And spread it all over the balloon

Hanging the balloon from the string (I pinned mine into the ceiling)

Put a whole lot of PVA in a container (I used like 2 bottles of glue)

And unravel the wool, putting it in the container too (I think I used about half of the ball)

Multi coloured wool looks cool for this.

Use your hands to spread the glue all around the wool. It should start soaking it a bit, but it doesn't have to be drenched. Careful not to tangle it up much.

Next start winding the gluey wool around the balloon, working slowly. Remember to avoid the circled piece at the top.

Continue until the wool comes to an end.

Hang it in the sun to dry!

Leave it drying overnight.

Next day pop the balloon inside!

Next carefully put your bulb inside the top of the lampshade...

And weave wool through it, tightening it around the bulb. Make sure it is secure. (Instead of this you can attach a lamp fitting here)

Then carefully put in your bulb back into the light fixture and let it hang!


  1. love this! it looks fantastic! am so gonna try it : )

  2. omg, i just paid $50 for one almost identical!!! u clever thing ;)

  3. how do u mean u weave the wool?


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