Tuesday, October 19

The Pinchers

Inspired by this wee number from bed bath n table...

I decided to make my own!

Found some material, two types

Cut it to the size I wanted

Then sewed down the sides of each individually... make two separate bags

I then sewed the bottom corners of the bags together

Then folded down the top and sewed along the edge.

I marked with chalk where the draw-string would come out

Using the buttonhole setting on my machine I sewed two places for where the string would exit

I cut down the middle of each to make the holes

Then I placed the drawstring around the neck of the bag and through the holes.

Making another fold in the neck, I covered the drawstring and pinned it out of the way, in order to sew the neck down without catching the string.

I sewed along the edge

And tested that it worked!

I then knotted the string on edge side so it wouldn't come undone.

Next I sewed on a loop of ribbon. This is so you can hang the bag at the washing line!

Next I embroidered this fancy doily type thing my friend Felicity gave me. It reads 'Pinces à linges' which is French for Clothes Pegs.

I hand-stitched this onto the bag

It was all finished!

I then filled it with pegs...

...and tested it out!

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