Tuesday, October 12

NZ Fashion week

So my sis Gem went up to fashion week a coupla weeks back, and the company she went with were aloud to do anything the wanted to the t-shirts they wore. So Gem gave them to me to attack.

Here is what I did:

First tee, I incorporated various fashion-world imagery to come up with this:

back (ran outta time)

other tee, real preppy

Here is pix of gem wearing them whilst doing the make up on the models at fashion week

What a pro

Hanging with the stars

There was so much good feedback about the tee designs, I was very happy indeed!

Ps. If you or your friends need makeup done for weddings, balls, music videos, photoshoots or whatever, check out my sis: (She's really good, and been taught by the best in NZ)

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