Sunday, March 21

Giddy up!

Last weekend Felicity and I crafted up some cute horses!
Here is how we made them:

Bought some felt and wool



Use this pattern:

Draw around the pattern and cut out 2 sides of horse

I cut 4 woops.

Cut this piece on a fold...

Next pin them together...

So they can stand up like this!

You can cut out the ears and feet now if you want.

Next get your wool and prepare to make the mane and tail!
I followed this method:
Wrap the wool 6-8 times around your hand

Then using a new piece of string...

...tie a knot to hold them all together.

Then cut the ends

I made 5 of these to use as the mane, and a longer version for the tail.
It depends on the thickness of your wool.

Next sew around your horse, leaving the back and neck undone.

I machine sewed...

And Felicity did a blanket stitch!

Sew in the tail at this point!

They should be looking a bit like this now:

Next I got out my button collection

...found a couple of black buttons and sewed them on (for eyes)

Yes, sad to say my horse is looking somewht like Alf at this point. That's machine sewing for you.

You can sew on the ears now too...

Next get stuffing!

Then pin in the mane where you want it...

And begin sewing it up.

Make sure you sew right through each knot in the wool several times to get it really secure.

Work from the bottom of the neck up towards the head, this way you can continue stuffing all the way up.

Your horse should be looking pretty crazy-rad now.

Give its mane a trim.

Felicity kept her horse 'natural' and wild
Here it is all finished:

I wanted to make a blanket and reins for mine.

I made the blanket from blue felt

and sewed it onto the horse in 3 places.

Then I single finger knitted a long piece of embroidery thread

And tied it on to look like reins

Then I was all finished too!

I can tell that we are gonna be friends...


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  1. Ponies!!!!!!!!! Great post thanks Kimmy I can't wait to have a felt pony friend :)


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