Thursday, June 10

Simple, crazy coloured lens for camera

This post is for T'nealle, cause I tried explaining it to her but it's a bit confusing without pix.

Get your hands on a pair of these POLARIZING 3D glasses (ie, the new ones)
and break out the lenses (because we all know 3D movies are a stupid fad)

Then place them FACE SIDE (ie. inside of glasses) together like so...

And if you hold them up to the light you will see lots of colours, esp purple.

If you don't place them face side together, you will know, because it won't work. (No colours)

Now hold in front of your camera lens and SHOOT!
And here are some of my results:

If you have a smaller lens on your camera you can play around with which colour you capture, be it blue, yellow, red, pink, purple etc!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is a seriously cool idea!!!

    Just found your blog via your A Craft Affair profile... and I'll be selling there too - even in the same area as you.

    Your things look cool! I hope your preparations are going well, see you in a few weeks!

    Emma >> Freedom Creative


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