Monday, August 9

Pill Box Baby

So pretty much I love and have always loved all things pillbox, well not actually... just the hats. In the 60's style of Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn I needed one.

I have been wanting to buy one for as long as I can remember and I have only found 2 in my life. One in a shop in San Diego and one in an opshop in Woolston that I discovered the other day. Not wanting to pay the outrageous price I settled upon making my own.

I didn't even consult anything before I started, I was far too keen.
Here is how I went about it...

Measured and cut long strips of card...mine started at 9cm but I trimmed it down later on.

Then stuck it together the size that fitted my head...

Then drew inside this to get the circle size

I cut it out

Then cut out a length of fabric, enough to cover both sides of the band of cardboard. Then sewed it up the side

I then checked it fitted

Then cut out two sides of circle (plus some hem room)

I then sewed it together (it pays to change the thread colour to blue but I was too lazy)

Then I sewed the band material on (without cardboard in)

Then inserted the card and turned it in the other way and taped up the band

Then, folding the edges in to make a soft edge, hand sewed the two pieces together.

It was then finished!

I've had lots of great comments already, including my french teacher saying to me 'Joli chapeau Kim' this afternoon. YAY!

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