Monday, February 21

A beachy number... PASSIONUT

So I had been invited to a hen's party, baywatch themed, and was asked to bring a sweet treat... So thus these Passionfruit and Coconut Cupcakes were born... I call 'em Passionut.

And what you all want... the recipe!
3/4c Dried Coconut, very finely processed
2 & 3/4c High Grade Flour
2t Baking powder
6 Eggs (only use 3 of the yolks though)
200g Butter slightly softened
1 & 3/4c Castor sugar
4T Passionfruit pulp (you can buy this in the baking isle at the supermarket, or use fresh stuff)
3/4c Milk


In a bowl, add coconut to the sifted flour and baking powder. Mix until combined.

In another bowl, mix eggs together with a fork (don't beat yet)

In a BIG bowl, cream butter 1-2mins
Add a third of the sugar then cream for 2mins. Do twice this again (for the last 2/3rds)
Beat until light and fluffy.

Slowly add eggs, a quarter at a time, beat for 1min after each time.

Mix the coconut milk with the passionfruit pulp.

Add a third of the flour to the creamed mixture, beat it in slowly.
Add half the coconut milk mixture and combine.
On adding the last lot of flour, make sure it is well combined, but don't over mix it.

Spoon into cute cupcake cases. (Approx 24)

Cook for 15/20 mins

When cool, it's time to ice them!

100g Soft Butter
1/4c Milk or coconut milk
2T (or more) Passionfruit pulp
4c Icing sugar (or more, if you are adding more pulp.)

Cream butter for 2mins.

Add milk, Passionfruit and half of the icing sugar, any colouring you may want and then beat for 3mins.

Add the rest of the icing sugar beat for another 3mins.

Ice cupcakes, and sprinkle big flakes of coconut on top.

I made little Life-Saver rings out of fondant for the decoration on the top of mine too.
-Simply pick up pre-made fondant from your supermarket and roll into rings. Colour some of the fondant with red food colouring (adding icing sugar too keep it solid) and add strips around the white rings to complete the look!


I made wee nautical pennant flags in Illustrator, which I put the Bride and Groom's names on too.
Here is a free printable download!

At the party...

Good luck!
Might get onto some rabbit-related crafts now...

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