Wednesday, February 27

So where do we go from here: A new adventure awaits!

Iceberg - Hermitage, Mt Cook.  Via.

Have you ever started something that turned out to be a lot bigger than expected? One things leads to another and you find yourself brimming full of ideas, not knowing where to stop? It has happened to me I'm afraid. And it is extremely exciting. The sceret is that I'm working on a new flashy-blog (at least I hope it will be). It will combine my SewLaTea blog, the beginnings of my HelloLemming opinion blog and a splash of everything else. This is the reason things have been a bit quiet here lately.

Expect more of a magazine style blog - which opinion pieces, handy DIY tips, beautiful photography and hopefully some profiles on amazing people. As always I'm keen for your input. So if you'd like to contribute or suggest a friendly face to grace the blog, please do get in touch. It is just as much about what you'd like to read as what I'd like to post! 

Release date is planned for the 1st of April (And that's no April fools joke!). So don't be a slacker and put it in your virtual dairy now.


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