Friday, January 22

Summer dressing PART 2

Do you remember my yellow dress post?

Well I've finished it!
Here's the rest of my story... (sorry I'm missing some photos of the middle stages... but pretty much I just sewed things together and put in darts etc...)

My awesome mom helped me sew the skirts together and put in the side zip. The tulle too was a NIGHTMARE!

So many layers of skirt!

I made the odd mistake...

But eventually got there...

And then it was finished! Here is the front:

And the 60's style back:

It ended up a little shorter than I wanted but still looks cute on.
Now only if it would be hot and summery weather to wear it in!!


  1. I'll try to get some better pics up and one of me wearing it too. x

  2. It looks soooo cute!!


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