Tuesday, February 2

Secret BOOKS!

I have always wanted to make one of these secret books!

Firstly find an aptly named book... this one is called "The face of innocence" - perfect!

N.B, if you feel bad chopping up books, find one that has already been ruined, waterlogged, scribed on etc.

Next using a strong PVA glue, glue the edges of the book pages.

Leave a few of the beginning pages out of this gluing... Now leaving the book OPEN, dry it overnight under a pile of heavy books.

When it is dry, mark out where you a going to cut it.
I kinda followed the books' text.

Then begin to cut using a sharp craft knife!

Cut and cut and cut until you reach the bottom...

Now glue the inside pages

Then CLOSE the book and dry overnight
Then cut a piece of velvet to size and hot glue it in!

Then put in all your precious things...

And hide away in the bookcase!



  1. Wow, The Face of Innocence - perfect! I made one of these as a christmas present for Beth. The author was Beth someone. This is a good way to do it - I glued each page together. Oh well

  2. Very appropriate book title! :D


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