Tuesday, February 16


So yesterday I was at Merivale mall dropping off some films (I'll put pics up soon) and afterwards wandered into a homeware shop called 'The Homestore' to get some cupcake cases...

And after diving into a treasure trove of cookie cutters I came across this one!!!

So Charlie and I made some LEMON DINOSAUR COOKIES!! Using this good ol' edmonds recipe...

Then we made green lemon icing with water,lemon juice, melted butter, icing sugar and green food colouring!

This was the result:


Here are a few close ups of the real cute ones...

Dinosaur attack! (Brendan my brother helped with these ones)

Sparkly scales!

Charlies hip-jop dino, complete with bling and grillz!

Cow dinosaur... or maybe it is sick dinosaur? Hahaha

I think next time I will make them chocolate cookie with mint icing!!

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