Saturday, July 17

Do the hokey-pokey and turn around...

...and that's what it's all about.

Yesterday I made lots of cookies. The first lot 'honey snaps' were somewhat of a disaster. But the hokey pokey ones turned out real good.

Essentially I made them because A. I had run out of baking to take for lunches/snacks and B. I needed to try out my new cookie cutter:

Here is how to make these nommy cookies.
250g butter
1c sugar
2T treacle
2T milk
3&1/4C flour, sifted
2t baking powder

in a pot melt the first 4 ingredients together, stir lots so it doesn't burn!
Then cool mixture down then add the dry ingredients. Roll out thinnish onto a floured bench and cut shapes. Put on tray and bake on 180 for 15ish mins or until golden goose.

Then you gotta do the icing.
So whip up some royal icing (egg white and icing sugar)
and pipe it round the edges, adding some detail. (I just put my icing in a snap-lock bag and cut off the tiniest bit of corner for my icing bag)

Then cause it made so many I packaged them and gave/am giving some away to friends/family.

They are yum too which is important, cause some cookies look better than they taste and are always a let down. These however are delicious. Hope you get round to making some!

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