Friday, July 23

Why buy new, when you can buy old!

A while ago my friends Emma and Alana started my Crown Lynn collection for me buy gifting me a pink Crown Lynn colour glaze cup and saucer. Now I have been slowly building up my collection... as I am but a poor student it is taking a while, but I am happy with my progress so far.

I like the Crown Lynn, because each piece is like a little bit of New Zealand history... and the colour glaze is my ultimate fav. (Speaking if which this seller has now unfairly 'blacklisted' me on trademe just because I asked her if she would sell these cute egg cups as a set. Then I asked her why not and now shes blocked me from bidding!! Gee Wiz!)

I found some new pieces today, but will have to wait until payday to purchase them, here is hoping someone else doesn't beat me to it!



  1. very cute! A lovely collection... I think I need to find a pink one to add to mine..

  2. crown lynn is actually fairly cheap if you know where to look. Try Cats protection League, they will let you fill a bag of cups and plates (once i put a tea pot in) for $5.. OR the Addington Op-shop had a basket of crown Lyn saucers and tea cups for 50c a piece... usually they are light yellows and green ones but it really depends ... I got all my tea cups from random places around chch over a few years and the are all green and cream coloured and the most i have ever paid for one was $1 with a saucer that didn't match but had a wonderful pattern on it.

  3. Yes, pink is the rarest one, and this one is super glued because it broke :-(

    Thanks for the shopping advice TJ, I will look those places! Cause the place I looked it was $4 per piece...I assume you mean the Sallies in Addington?


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