Saturday, April 30

A bit of this and that of late

Life is slowly getting back into momentum and I'm starting to get things done.
I, with the help of some friends come up with a very exciting craft related business proposal-details which will slowly come to light soon!

Easter weekend Rinn had me round to her house to make cupcakes!
We went with an Autumn theme, making them from Pumpkin and spices. They were ever so yummy-but didn't rise much. However, we still had a grand ol' time icing them in an Autumn style.

My town for my film is coming together nicely, despite being a bit behind schedule (I wanted to have the buildings all done by today) I suppose I will just have to go hard painting them all! If you want to help you are most welcome anytime!

Next I shall move on to wire frames and detailed objects such as food and newspapers etc!
(P.S. sorry about the stupid frame on the photos above, was playing around on my phone and deleted the originals by mistake haha)

Next we have some cupcakes that I made yesterday for a pampering evening for ladies affected by the quake. The cakes turned out so perfect I was very pleased!

The ladies loved them and the chocolate ones were all gone by the end of the night! I spent the night painting their nails and chatting. Was enjoyable indeed!

Now this is my outfit that I wore to the Royal wedding. For some reason people keep making fun of my hat. I'm not sure why though, I thought it looked charming.

Lastly I randomly came across this wonderful illustrator. (Randomly being, not via a blog or Reader but in a bizarre google search for bird hats) Her name is Hillary Bird and I just adore her work. I need to do more illustration! I'm so lazy!

That is all for now folks.


  1. Those cupcakes look so delicious. I wouldn't have made fun of your hat, I think it kicks ASS! PS-how did you get your face in the pic!? COOL!!!

  2. Aww thanks Kallie! They were really yum.
    Ah... yes, a lot of sneaky photoshopping went into that picture heehee!


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