Monday, May 9

houses coming out of my ears

Well tonight I was working on the book shop... sticking on all the Popsicle sticks (hundreds). Took me from 11pm-3am. Probably not such a smart idea... but I did listen to the Aesop's fables audiobook and watched the 1970's rendition of the children's novel 'The Phantom Tollgate' which turned out to be a little disappointing, as I had high hopes for it and was going to buy the fancy hard cover book... but who knows now...

Anyway, here is the bok shop thus far... (Still needs a paint.)

And now it's 4am and I have to be up at 9ish. Gah...


  1. Wow! At first glance, it doesn't look like a house made of popsicle sticks. Anyway, you're very patient to do that. Good work!

  2. That was really nice. Putting a lot of creativity in doing artwork will truly end to something awesome. It just needs a lot of patient and care. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. Brilliant post!This is so creative.I get an idea of doing Popsicle figure of house and get opinion of my friends which will be the best and it will be the style of my future house.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments!


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