Thursday, June 2

90 days soup-a-thon!

Every year over the winter months I do what I like to call '90 days soup-a-thon'.
Pretty much I try and have and make as much soup and soup related things as I can. It runs from June the 1st until the end of the 29th August (The 30th is my birthday, so no soup please)

I kicked off this year's soup-a-thon with a hot Vichyssoise, or you might know it as Potato and Leek soup. (Vichyssoise is usually served cold)

A few weeks ago I when to Melbourne to visit a friend and her and her bf made a really yummy hot Vichyssoise for dinner. I couldn't wait to try making it when I got home!

Here was the result:

I made one with bacon, and one without - (my brother is vegetarian).

My version pretty much consisted of:
A couple of Tbs of butter or oil
5 rashes of bacon
1 red onion
2 big leeks
1L of liquid stock (I used vegetable)
1.2kgs of potatoes
1 L of cream
And salt and pepper to taste!

Pretty much just add ingredients into a large pot, in the order you see. Obviously leaving things like bacon, leeks and potatoes to cook through before adding the next ingredient.

At the end just wiz it all up until super smooth and then drink!

I write this post to you while drinking chicken noodle soup, nursing painful burns I sustained from the oven whilst cooking the next item I will post about... oooooo, what could it be...?

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