Saturday, June 25

Watermelon soup?

BULA! I'm really pushing the boundaries of soup here, because really, it's just a fruit cocktail heehee.

Fruit is very cheap and plentiful here in Fiji, so every day I've been drinking all sorts of cocktails and fruit smoothies. I love to revisit my Restaurant, Wine and Bar days, especially the cocktail making component!

Here is one of the drinks I made, a refreshing watermelon cooler:
(My northern hemisphere readers should make one this summer for a tasty, refreshing drink)

You will need: 1 large lime, a generous circle slice of watermelon and pineapple and a few teaspoons full of raw sugar and ice!

Slice the lime in half and put both halves in the shaker, sprinkle the sugar on top and muddle it. (i.e using the muddling stick, crush all the juice out of the fruit and melt the sugar with it)

Do the same with the watermelon and pineapple. Really give it a good muddling, try and get out as much juice as you can.
Then shake with a good amount of ice, and strain into a cooled glass/glass with fresh ice.

Voila! Your tasty watermelon cooler is ready to drink.

Now laze by the pool, sipping your drink (or daydream that you are)


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