Thursday, June 9

Les Macarons!

So cupcakes are fun, but macarons are my new fav to make!
Here are some I made for a Queen's B-day weekend-away in Hanmer.

They are simple and fast to make, but you must be very watchful of how you make them... you have to kind of 'get a feel' for each step... from beating the egg white, folding in the dry mix and the cooking.

These were from my first tray, the yellow were banana flavoured and the orange were maple! My second tray didn't work so well! They were strawberry and coconut flavour.
I used this recipe, however I felt it had too much dry ingredients... hence what ruined some of mine, so I'd only add a bit at a time if I were you, folding it in carefully.

Also, I waited a good 45mins-1hr before cooking them. (The first time I made them I waited 4!)

So, go on, it's not that hard, and it's really fun to experiment in making heaps of flavours and colours - like the maple I made, so good.

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  1. AMAZING!!! AND jelous on how cleaver you are :)


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