Wednesday, June 15

Breakfast soup?

I hope your soup drinking/eating is going well readers! I hope to have more example soups up soon, but in the mean time you may have been wondering what is a soup option for breakfast?

Well wonder no longer! I have your solution...Semolina!
Mum used to make this for us on cold winter days, especially the snowy ones. Once we even visited a hotel which had it for breakfast! Best hotel EVER.

Some people I talk to have never heard of the stuff, which is a shame, because it has slowly disappeared from our local supermarchés and can now only be found at (as far as I'm aware) Mercato and the MFW (sometimes).

So what is it exactly? Semolina is a Duram wheat which you can make into a delicious porridge-like breakfast! (But I hate porridge so semolina is a billion times more yum)

Here's how you go about it...
Buy yourself some raw semolina, or as it's called in Italian 'Semola'

Now make VERY sure that you don't buy the fine semola, it is a flour, for making pasta! It should look coarse like mini couscous grains.

This is how I like to make mine:
Put 2T of the semolina in a large bowl (trust me, it WILL overflow otherwise) - I do mine in a large size pyrex bowl.
Measure out 300mls of milk, add a little of the milk to the semolina to mix to a paste.
Then mix in the rest of the milk.
Add 1T of vanilla essence and 2T (or more, I always put in more) brown sugar, and mix in.
Cook in the microwave for 5mins on Med.High. (You can cook it in a pot too, but you have to keep a VERY close eye on it!)
It should be pretty well done by then. Or you could cook it a little more if you prefer.

Pour into bowls, add a golden syrup swirl and you are away laughing!

You can really experiment with how you make it. Some people like it with more milk, some with white sugar, some with jam instead! I think it's nice with some fruit too, like some yum peaches.

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  1. Oh i love semolina... i made the mistake of buying the flour once... I have seen a cool way to use the flour... it is similar process, but at the end you put it into an oven dish thinly, sprinkle with cheese and grill it in the oven for a while... quite yum also!


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