Monday, July 18

A nail is driven out by another nail

But today I'm actually talking fingernails!
I'd never cared much about painting my fingernails (couldn't be bothered waiting for them to dry) until last year - when I started getting them done on the odd occasion at Professionail or E-nails (much cheaper). I kinda got a crush on it then, and even since then I've been slowly collecting up colours. I'd tried to do the odd arty thing now and again but it always ended up looking a bit tardo. But lately I've been spotting these tutorials for fancy nail art around a bit... and I today finally gave nail marbling a go.
I'm far from good at it yet, but I suspect with practice I'll get much better!

From what I gather your nail polish can't be too cheap or old (they are too thick then) This first lot I tried with my O.P.I nail polishes and it seemed to work really well.

The one coat seemed a bit thin so I'll try a white coat underneath next time I think.

Later tonight I tried with some cheaper brandless stuff and it didn't seem to work so well. Needless to say I just made a big goopy mess.

Now I have an excuse to collect many more colours heehee... or perhaps I could organise a nail polish party and we could all share! It seems I'd have to organise some Audrey Hepburn films to watch while they dried too...

"A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit”

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