Saturday, July 23

Bastille Day!

10 days ago it was Bastille Day, so naturally, I threw a party!

I did heaps of designs for my monthly design project, some of which I ended up as artwork for the party.

As well as a French theme, I featured a Neapolitan colour/flavour theme too.

For the party I created a big Neapolitan gateau...

It was made from 3 cakes, and the icing was white chocolate ganche, with dark Lindt chocolate leaves, white chocolate and strawberry white chocolate flower petals on top.

To make the leaves all you have to do is melt the chocolate and brush it on to one side of a washed leaf from your garden (the shiny/waxy ones with protruding veins work best). Put them on a baking paper covered tray and into the fridge to set. Carefully peel the leaf back off them when set and still cold.

The petals are similar, but instead of using a leaf (don't try to use petals!) shape some tinfoil pieces into a petal shapes (make sure they have sides) and put the white chocolate in these to set. Only colour/flavour your chocolate with specialty CHOCOLATE colourings/flavourings, I got mine quite cheap from Spotlight in the DIY chocolate section. Other colours will not work, not even the standard power colouring.

I cut the 3 different flavoured cakes in half and layered them, using frosting to stick them together. It gave it an awesome striped feel...

Dessert was served with French wine.

I also made macaroons, in keeping with the theme...

and served milkshakes!

Other delicious desserts were brought along too:

This lemon pie by Heather was so morish...

Hannah's dark chocolate mousse was up there with the best I've ever had...

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try Belinda's really yummy looking Lemon Meringue pie....

T'nealle brought a mixture of homemade croissants, pain au chocolate and truffles - they were really tasty!

And I'm not sure who brought these little danishes, nor did I get to try one, but they looked great non the less!

Suffice to say I ate way too much, but was very happy about it.

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