Friday, July 29


So a while back I bought some tasty Dutch 'Letter' candies from the sweet shop in Hanmer, and I decided I could make Tutti-Frutti cupcakes to put the candies on.

Using a plain vanilla cupcake recipe, but instead of vanilla I added a mixture of lemon, orange, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry flavourings. I did the same with the icing, only par-mixing the flavours  together.

The result was delicious!

I also made these apple cookies a while ago...

I modified an Edmonds recipe for Orange biscuits, into Apple using Apple juice.

They were a strange texture biscuit because the called for the butter to be rubbed into the flour. It made them almost pastry like.
I then painstakingly drew the apple flavoured icing on them...

They were very scrumptious!

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