Thursday, September 15

An armadillo, frogy surprise, crochet critters and ginger meggs,!

'The Armadillo'

-4 small apples
-A handful of grapes
-1 inch round of pineapple (skin cut off)
-1 tamarillo

Cut into small pieces, blend and drink!

'Frogy Surprise Spread'

-Large handful of baby spinach
-Several basil leaves
-Tbsp olive oil
-Small handful pinenuts
-3/4 Tbsp cream cheese
-Salt and pepper to taste
 (no REAL frogs!)

Blend finely

Spread on bagel! Nom! 

'Ginger Meggs' 

-2 Carrots
-2 Apples
-3 Oranges 
-Small piece of fresh ginger (depending on how much you like it!)

 Blend, pour into glass and drink straight away!

'Crochet Critters'   

These are my first two Amigurumi critters! 
I recently bought a book on how to make them, and heaps of wool.
 I plan to try and sell them at a stall at Christmas time! 

They take quite a long time to make (at least two evenings each) because they are so small, 
what do you think is a good price?


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