Sunday, September 4

Springtime gastronomy.

Well, last week it was my birthday and where your average girl may spend all her birthday money on pretty clothes... I got bored after buying one dress and opted for something I really wanted, a juicer.

I was very proud walking out of Briscoes with my new Breville Juice Fountain. When I arrived home I began juicing immediately, and haven't really stopped since. Within reason, I have decided to only drink fresh juice. NOM NOM.

I highly recommend this juicer and think everyone should get one. (Or even buy one amongst friends?) I am ever so looking forward to blending up little summer fruits, but until then I shall stick with apples and the like.

Today I made: 'Twice Apple and Kiwi'

I used
3 Granny Smith Apples
1 really large Lemonade Apple (new to NZ apparently!)
And 3 ripe kiwifruit.

I blended and got this delicious concoction....

I may just post a few more yummy drink recipes over the days....

For dinner I made an Orzo salad. I've been eating so many of these recently, as they are so versatile! 
This salad has blanched spinach, pan roasted cherry tomatoes, salami and parmesan cheese. Simply cook the Orzo, cool in cold running water, then toss with a few TB of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Then add salad ingredients and presto! A simple, tasty meal. 

It tastes really nice with chicken or chorizo sausage, basil and pinenuts too. 

After dinner, since I forgot all about Father's day I whipped up a Apricot Crumble, which is one of my Dad's fav puddings.

Did you do anything for Father's day?

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