Monday, March 26

Never two young two party.

A little while ago I was invited to two year old's birthday party. The birthday girl is the daughter of my long-time friend Sophia. 

Excited as usual about parties in general, and even more excited as the party was to be owl themed (wHooooot!) - I offered to help make treats for the day. You will see these shortly....

But first I had to decide what to give the big two year old... I hadn't thought of much until I meet with Sophia to plan out the party food - it was then that I saw what Sophia and her husband (a remarkable joiner) were making for the little girl's present: the world's best hand-built play kitchen set, complete with hand-sewn apron, mittens, the lot! (photos coming up....)

Their talent for making things inspired me to add to the creative-present-pool and create these wee felt foods (something I have wanted to make for ages, but never had occasion to).

They were a lot of fun to make - and for the most part relatively simple.

Solo shots:

Meat - salami 

Salads - lettuce and tomatoes

Veges - broccoli, carrot and beans

Pasta - bows

Pizza toppings - mushrooms and capsicum 

Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs

Cheese - swiss

The birthday girl was keen to open anything wrapped up!

As soon as the felt food was unwrapped it was put to use on that fancy new oven!
(Not only do the elements light up - they have two settings orange-warm and red-hot)

The birthday girl didn't stay long in her kitchen, but her budding-chef cousin was hard at work practicing his recipes for entry to kids masterchef.... (look at that funky apron Sophia made!)

Check out that stainless steel's nicer than most kitchens I've been in. That's what you get when your dad is a pro!

Food is ready! Nom.

The owl theme could be found throughout the party

Crispy chocolate cluster nests with chocolate eggs

Little vege-dip nests

Delicious owl cookies

And there was owl pinata!

Birthday girl gives it a go...but no luck.

Her cousin takes charge....

 However his attempts were futile....

'Never fear, for I can bash the bird and release the candy!'

(It amazed me at this point that the kids were so slow to rush to pick up the candy...give them a few more years!)

Aww sharing!

Also in the pinata - little streamer trumpets! Who doesn't love those?

Now this is where I mention the incredible party dress that the very talented Sophia made for her little birthday girl to wear... look at those lovely buttons!

Isn't the fabric pretty?And that big purple bow!? She was definitely the best dressed at the party!

Checking out the pics with dad.

There were other games too... like good old pass the parcel.

Now, what you've all been waiting for... The cake! Sophia and I spent ages perfecting this huge owl and we were very pleased with the results. What do you think?
Lighting the candle - which the wind helped birthday girl to blow out.

Imagining the year ahead as a two year old....

Two is still a bit young to cut the cake so daddy takes care of it instead.

Look at those HUGE pieces!

Asher the dog is hoping for a stray piece of chocolatey cake to find it's way into his mouth. 'No Asher- chocolate is poisonous for dogs!'

And while I'm on the topic of dogs - look at these fab little 'doggie owly bags' that the party guests got to take home. Yes, also hand made by Sophia!

Now it's time for the happy, chocka-full guests to go home...

All in all the party was a hoot!
I hope you enjoyed this special post.
I look forward to the day I can also host children's birthday parties! But until then I shall observe and collect ideas :-)

Tweet-twooo x

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  1. Absolutely love it all - Sophia and yourself are very talented young ladies xxx


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