Sunday, April 15


Today a friend linked me to a fantastic Tokyo fashion blog  and on that site I found this wee gem of a video posted:

I really love the idea of Harajuku fashion, it really encourages people to dress however they want with no social pressures to wear certain things. I have a great postcard set with photos of many different Harajuku people on them, and little bios on the back. I was amazed how many of the people say they make their own clothes!

Several years back (pre this blog) I had a HUGE Toyko Street Fashion birthday party. It was probably the biggest, most expensive party I've ever thrown.

I should really upload some photos from it sometime... (I have 100s!)
I set up a photo booth area - and here is one of Charlie and I all dressed up

I hope one day to go to Japan and join the Harajuku kids on their fashion walk!

In the meantime we should all make more of our own clothes x

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