Tuesday, December 8

Christmas nite-lite

Sick of the same old boring christmas trees?
I certainly am... that's why I decided to take a box of glow-in-the-dark objects and attack my tree!

First find some glow in the dark treasures...

Then attach hoops of string or thread with sticky tape

Look at them all ^U^ - put them on your tree!

Neeeexxxxttt... time you make the 'faux' lights.
Get some string, or even better - glow in the dark string! I got mine from my dad's store - nature discoveries.
Attach little stars on it with tape. Spread them out along the string.

Once you have a long string full of them wind it around your tree...

There you have it! Charge tree under bright lights then it should glow all night for you, without wasting anymore power.
(was quite hard to take photo in the dark!)

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