Sunday, December 6

Tea anyone?

Just because its summer doesn't mean you need to stop drinking tea!
It's time to take out those fruity teas and mix up some refreshing drinks... Choose your favorite tea...

Slice up a few of these...

And have some lemonade/soda water handy...

I used 4 tea bags in this little jug - which was plenty. Add lemonade to the tea bags and leave for 5-10mins to flavour. (Add lemon slices now too)

Stir the flavour in to but don't use a metal spoon (this will eat away all the fizzy!)
I used a plastic one.
Then taste it to see if there is enough flavour. If so remove the tea bags!

Now pour into teacups and drink!
Add ice too if you'd like.

Mmmm so refreshing :D
Have a teaparty at your house with all your friends this summer!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm delicious!

    Will have to try this :-)


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