Tuesday, December 1

Yuletide Fun

Well, it's that time of year! So my blog is about to get pretty Christmasy!!

Firstly... the tree is bare, so it's time to make some decorations :D

I am going for the sweet tooth theme, so here is the first decoration:

You need to get some gingerbread coloured felt and cut enough for two sides out

and chop chop chop
(I used a cookie cutter to get my shape)

Get your mitts on some BUTTONSSSS

And red felt (with sticky back!)

Cut out a smile from the red felt and stick it on.
Now sew on the buttons! Colours for body and black for eyes

Nextly sew around the edges - LEAVE A SPACE FOR STUFFING!

Then stuff and finish of sewing...IMPORTANT: add a loop of ribbon so you can hang it!!


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