Saturday, November 28

The money tape!

Well, I've seen a few other people do this and have always wanted to try - make a wallet out of a cassette tape!

So here's how I went about it...

First I bought some old tapes from New Harvest Opshop - kids tapes are bright and colourful, so try to find these!

Nextly I went about splitting the tape in half, some have screws but mine was glued. Do this with a sharp knife, but PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL I don't want to be responsible for chopped off fingers.
This is what you'll find inside!

Afterwards scrape off the sticker (soaking tape in warm water for a bit helps) If you LOVE the sticker - keep it on!

To get the gummy glue off use a smidge of Chemico - works miracles!

Find some material and a cool zip and measure around the cassette approximately.

Fold in edges and sew in a contrasting colour - to make it look cool

I found this really cute ^u^ ribbon and taped is onto the inside of the little window!

Next mark the corners of the cassette on to the zip and pin in place.

Then sew the zip on!! I didn't even use a zipper foot and it turned out fine. (The zip needs a lot of give in this wallet - the wider it is the more money/cards you will fit in!)

Nextly glue the zip and material to the inside of the tape - I used hot glue gun

Tuck in the zip ends etc.

Then I glued some more of the ribbon to tidy up the underside and make it look like the tape!

Add your cards/money

Zip it up and you are ready to go!
IMPORTANT Make sure you keep checking that the case zips and unzips throughout making this, as it would be terrible if some glue got in the way of the zip and it broke!!

If you want you can doodle on the case too... looks pretty cool.
I might experiment next with a hinge one, as the zipper one doesn't open that far.

Have fun!

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