Monday, November 23

Pegs are not only teeth...

Well since my sister just got married, I've shifted into her old room. There was a lot of bare wall space so I decided to put up some photographs.

On Monday I acquired some quaint wooden pegs and decided to use them to make a photo string - just like when I was in photography class, hanging photos to dry!

It is very easy to do, and looks rather lovely.

Have handy some twine, scissors, pegs (wooden look best) and of course a selection of photographs!

Pin up one end of the twine or tie it to something like a curtain rail. Thread the twine through the loop in the peg spring (this keeps the pegs on the string and lets you open and close them as often as desired!)

Next affix the other end of the twine to something like another curtain rail (give it a little slack) and attach photos, notes, cards or whatever!

If you have left over pegs try something like this guy...

More peggy crafts to come in the near future :-D

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