Thursday, November 26

CHILAX this summer with some SORBETY goodness

The other day was so hot so I decided to cool down the hip way, by eating sorbet. All the cool kids will be doing it, just you wait!

Sorbet is super easy and inventing your own flavors is a synch!
I decided upon making LEMON, LIME & BASIL FLAVOUR - pretty much like a frozen cocktail. YUMMO

First get lots of lemons, and juice all the juice outta them! Zest them a bit too (limes too if you have them-I just used the stuff from a bottle)

Boil up a cup of water with a cup of castor sugar add the rind too - simmer for 4 mins

Crush crush crushy up a WHOLE bunch of basil leaves

Take saucepan off the heat and add basil to the liquid to INFUSE and add a splash or two of gin to the mix.

After 10 or so mins of infusing, strain into a container and FREEZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEE!!!!

It might take 3+ hours to set, but I left mine overnight...


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