Sunday, November 22

Summer Dressing

In Australia I bought found some yellow nail polish it looks very nice on. But what is nail polish without a matching dress? So I've drafted up a pattern and now sewing up a yellow dress!

I'm making it a full circle skirt, with 3 different layers - in between each will be some tulle to pouf it out. An easy way to cut large circles is to tie a long piece of string to a pin, place the pin in the middle of the material and using the other end of the string mark out the circle with a pen or chalk. It's like a giant compass!

I found these big buttons in my mum's grandmothers old sewing box. The yellow material was left over from my sister's 21st party.
I am adding the '3 tiered' look to several parts of my dress, including this back panel.

The straps will be slightly curved to keep in theme with the full circles of the skirt.

I have chosen a nice checkered lining for the dress and facing.
Over-lock the edges of the skirt then hem!

To be continued...

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