Sunday, November 22

Old dress, new dress.

Last weekend I was rummaging through my top closet and came across this spotted blue dress. I bought it a few years ago at an opshop to use as a costume.

I decided it wasn't half bad, all it needed was some sprucing up.

So today my post will show you how to make a new dress from an old one. This only took an hour or so.

First chop the bottom of the dress, making it a cute summery length. NB. Just like when cutting hair, measure both sides to make sure it's even.

Next over-lock each of the edges so it doesn't fray (if you don't have an over-locker zig-zag the edge instead!)

Next neatly pin and hem the skirt, I've used 5.0 stitch to get close to the edge.
You may want to slip stitch the hem too to keep it in place.

In my sewing box I found a piece of lace that I thought would look nice on the bottom of the skirt. I attached this in a somewhat cavalier fashion. Do what you must!

Now how much better does that look!

Now to attack those puffy sleeves, as I'd have to be a Swedish model to pull that look off)
Place a pin where you want to hem to. Chop sleeves leaving a good amount of material to hem with.

Pin it and sew it!

Finish with a quick over-lock to get rid of the excess sleeve.

Then press it, and if you feel like it, slip stitch again (I didn't, I'm too lazy)


If you want, add a feature or two... I thought a white bow might look nice at the front or the back.

Sexy summer chic, recycling is easy!

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