Friday, December 24


I didn't think I'd ever make it to 100 posts... but here I am!
Happy Christmas everyone! Thanks for reading and your kind support!
To celebrate both occasions I am doing a special CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!
That's right! One of you lucky readers will get a Christmas Hobby Horses prize!!!

All you have to do is comment on this post telling me your favourite thing that I've posted this year and leave your email address. I will draw the winner next week.

Looking forward to another year of fun crafty business.

Here is my Christmas theme...

My tree...

I made all the decorations but the star!

These balls I made with wool. Like the lampshade I made earlier in the year.

Candycanes that I made last year...

New felt Russian dolls, to go with my theme!

Felt Gingerbread men (I sold lots of these at the craft markets!)

Christmasy buntings

The whole caboodle...

Matching pressies under the tree...

Every year I normally make gingerbread houses on Christmas eve (often followed by the watching of Love Actually and a visit to the Christmas Grotto)... a tradition that I started with my good friend Bindy. Sadly since I was on a early flight to Oz on this day, it couldn't be done. :-( So I whipped up my own gingerbread house the day before! (I had great plans to pull off the church of St. Petersburg, but lack of skills and time constraints saw the end of that idea) Thus this slightly munted house had to do... (Sizing is a bit off cause I didn't use a template or kitset)

It's not Christmas in Aussie yet, we are 3hrs behind home. But I wish you a very happy Christmas all the same!


  1. I loved the chair you restored. But actually, I love many many things from your blogging days. I loved your record clock, your lampshade... and many other bits and bobs. I love reading your blog posts and seeing the pictures. Love your work Kim. x

  2. I think the little ponies you made were pretty cleaver. But yes all of your crafts are awesome.

    From T'Nealle

  3. I think your chalk board clocks are my favourite along with your blanket owls! x0x Thanks for the gorgeous Babushka card too - can't wait for the sun and a water balloon fight x0x

  4. Everything has been super but I love the chocolate brownie, its soooo delicious!

    Hope our enjoying your summer holiday :)
    xo Eleanor


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