Sunday, December 19

Christmas market stalls!

Last Sat I had a stall at the Craft Collective market, held in Poplar lane. I also had one on Sun at the High Street Street party.


I was lucky enough to be next to my friend Brooke, who was selling so many awesome things, mostly for children (My two favourite things were her giant 'go fish' game and colouring in packs. She is very talented!) I was also next to Lucy, from She was great to chat to, and even brought me down a chair!

I sold quite a bit, but sadly no one in Christchurch really pays what the items are worth... One person had told her daughter that $5.oo was too much for a little toy. I was sad to hear that, because it took me hours to make, pattern and all! And wasn't Chinese slave labour... but at that price it was pretty much New Zealand slave labour. Good thing it was a labour of love.

I can't wait to see the day when Christchurch people appreciate local handmade art works.


I was setup next to Gerties, and though it was raining, I still had a good time selling things!

Bob Parker (for those who don't know is the Christchurch Mayor) and his wife came by my stall and said hello, but hardly paused long enough to see any of my crafts. A bit rude if you ask me. But at least he was making the effort to leave his penthouse apartment. (Check out his wife's hair-do below!) I'm sad I didn't get a better picture of them...

Now begins the arduous task of uploading the rest of my products to my felt store.

Thank you to everyone who came down and visited, and said nice things/bought things from my stall. You are supporting a great thing :-)
I hope I have lots of new followers of my blog now!

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