Tuesday, December 21

Rappin' for Christmas.

Actually no, not that kind of rapping. I mean christmas prezzies.

I've seen various different styles for christmas popping up in my Reader such as:

from this blog

and over on T'nealle's blog she has some wrapping ideas too...

Now, for many years in a row I have been the 'brown paper packages' sort...

This is good, because people just throw away the paper anyway!

Or check out this neat wrapping idea!

But this year I have chosen a 'red and white russian theme' for christmas.
So I am using the candy cane striped paper and have made my own russian doll tags.
You can pick up ribbon really cheap from asian stores, like $2 for a huge roll. I did that and bought some fancier ribbon from Cosi Fan Tutte in Sumner.

Here is the result!

I have printed out some cards too... I *was* going to carve woodblocks and and individually press them, but after doing one wood block I knew I wouldn't have enough time, let alone the right resources. So I whipped these up on the computer instead.
I designed 5 different dolls in total. Their names are christmas related...from L to R: Mary, Holly, Starr, Belle and Christy.

Next post is post 100! And I will be making an exciting christmas giveaway! So get ready!

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