Friday, March 25

48hrs - Introduction

Because it is free for CHCH people to enter the 48hours film competition this year, I have joined! YAY. It is on the weekend of May 20-22.
My team name is Wensleydale, which is a reference to the Wallace and Gromit films.

Wallace and Gromit were the first clay-animation films I watched as a kid. I also loved watching the silliness that was Pingu. I was hooked on clay-animation/stop frame animation films ever since!

A good five or so years ago I bought a beautiful hard-cover book from Borders called 'Cracking Animation' It was a book full of everything one needs to know about stop animation and miniatures, written by the guys at Aardman - creators of Wallace and Gromit, Chicken run and much more!

This book tempted me into making my own animation (the one which I posted earlier). I have often toyed with the idea of doing something more advanced, so I created clay models, but I never had the motivation to do anything with them.
But I have decided, this years 48hrs is the perfect chance to motivate myself into doing it!

Side note, if you wish to help me at all at any stage through this, whether it be by making a cardboard building (style specific), props, models or even with animating on the actual weekend- please let me know!!! I'm happy to take most people haha! Also even if you have little dolls furniture or Silvanian Families stuff, I would LOVE to borrow it! (YES I WILL PUT YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS!)

So the rules of the game are: No animating/writing/shooting/music writing or anything BEFORE the weekend. BUT I am aloud to pre-make models, sets and props etc (just as a film team could get actors/scout for locations.)

So even if you can't help, you can follow my posts on here and I shall update you with my progress!


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