Monday, March 21

Some cute felt toys

So, I have been told I'm not blogging enough... I know, I'm not a good blogger, I'm always doing lots of fun things but hardly ever blog them. Naughty Kim...

So here are some cute felt toys I've been making... they are all hand stitched, each took over a day to make - sewing most of the day!


Blue cup of black tea!

Rabbit and carrot!

'ouch' says the carrot

I will put them for sale on my etsy or felt store soon! Woo. Also, I would like to sell the patterns for real cheap too...


  1. these toys are fantastic!! love, love, love the fox! you are seriously super talented and creative! love your blog!

  2. eee, these are SO adorable, love them. Especially, the tea cups -so CUTE! xx veronika


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